Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Impending Labor

Oh yes, it's coming. There's nothing I can do about it either.

Birth plan has been written.

Still need to pack a bag...but...

My joints are softer. Oliver's head down and dropped. I'm dilated, effaced, and losing bits of mucus plug. Yes, it's gross. I can feel myself dilating more (I think...something scratchy is going on down there). I've got Braxton Hicks like there's no tomorrow, tiny twinges of cramping, tons of downward pressure, and the tummy of someone who just ate a pound of crazy Indian food. I'm irritable beyond belief, can't focus on anything other than all that's going on internally, and today I've started sweating like I'm sitting in the sun. All that's left is the "bloody show" and my water breaking to really seal the deal. I may need to try out all those old wive's tails of inducing if he doesn't make his way out soon, this is not a very comfortable predicament to be in.

So yeah....that's what's up in Stephanie Land.

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