Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dream Diary Night 2

Three dreams on 3/28


I was going to church, the first time at a new church. During the sermon a lady was chatting with her friend about how she forgot to change her daughter's name, and her dog's name when she got married. I told her that I could look it up for her, and asked how long she had been married. She said she had been married for 45 days and thought that the time frame to change your name was 60. I checked and found you had to change your name within 30 days for it to be accepted within the state. The sermon continues and when finished everyone gets up to go. A woman remarks that I shouldn't have come to the church. I tell her how everyone's allowed and I helped to pay to build the church so I most certainly had a right to attend. I turn towards the rest of the congregation and ask if anyone has any other questions or concerns. A young man in the audience recognizes me I guess and asks if I lived through just the trees, buildings or both... and as I answer the following unfolds:

I was in a community of people and we were walking through the forest. All of the sudden there as a landslide of sorts, and all the trees and people were washed down hill into a ravine. I was able to escape the slide with some other people by running up to some buildings. We're all trying to calm down from the disaster we just witnessed when the buildings start to shift and slide down into the same ravine. I'm able to slide up top of a tree and hold on and only end up breaking my big toe. When the slide stops I notice a woman I was with is close to me and alive, and that there is a medical team approaching. I help her up and she says she can't feel her legs. I lay her flat on the ground and run to the medical team. They're treating small scratches and bruises and no one wants to help the girl. I realize that there's a news team and they're only concerned about smiling into the camera. So the girl tries to crawl to them and I'm helping her but no one wants to help her.


A woman runs down the street, tries to steal a car from someone that turns out to be a cop in plain clothes car - he looks like Charlie Francis... He gets out to stop her, arrest her. She tried to taze him, but ends up shooting herself in the leg. She says shes been attacked by cops all night. We know Charlie is okay, so we open an investigation into her claims. We find a paper in woman's purse about finding destiny when a certain pair of planets align and the latitude of the earth is right. We see a hotel on the ad advertising the event. When we look into the hotel we find out a cop rented a room there... one we suspect on other cases of poor conduct. My partner finds the woman's shoes in his room, confirming her story, but he throws them out the window, says we protect our own. There's a giant bow, covering the roof of the balcony. It's going to be hard to hide this one. Partner shakes his head says he knew this cop was bad, just not how bad. Flash to the night, girl looking fresh and pretty walks from her room to the lobby to mingle, runs into cop. He talks her into destiny, after all why else is she there, takes her to room.

I wake up, thank goodness and don't dream through the rest.


John and I are in some kind of post war apocalyptic situation. Our friend is being loaded into an oven of sorts to burn to death. John rushes in to save him, I follow. We save the friend, but both are burnt in the process. John has bad burns covering almost all of his body. My face and legs get burnt but the rest are pretty okay. We're carried out to a makeshift hospital in this field. Once I'm okay enough to walk I start searching for John but I can't find him. I ask all the nurses and no one knows anything. There are thousands of people here, so its impossible to find him. One nurse says they should be able to help and leads me to an office of sorts. They take my information and say it will be just a while. Then they're watching American idol and the singer's really bad, so a group of nurses and doctors starts playing instruments and singing and drowns it out. They say they can't find him, but if he was badly hurt he might be taken to a real hospital. Then I see Walter Bishop there, but its the other side one, so I'm all freaking out. He tells me he knows where John is and to come with him. So I go with him and he takes me to a van where John is laying in a plastic lawn chair. There are other people there too, from the cast Fringe. My legs are pretty painful, but I sit in a chair as well. We're transported around, and I'm trying to explain the error they're making in destroying our world. And how we could work together to make everything okay... I can remember walking into this big office building and then the dream memory goes cold. I didn't wake up then, but can't remember the rest.... apparently I watched too much Fringe though...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

a dream diary #1

We were this group of people, a whole bus full - overfull actually. We'd been trained in a variety of things, experiments of sorts, I suppose. We were being carted off to our final destinations to do whatever it is that we had chosen fit us best. Brittany and I decided to go tend for cows and make cheese... but when we got off of the bus, Brittany wasn't there with me. Some other people that got off at the same spot said that with certain people, the leaving of the program was too much and they'd just evaporate. But when I held up this device we had - like a pad in Star Trek, I could see her just fine. So I figured that maybe despite what she thought, tending cows and making cheese just wasn't right for us. The bus was gone by this point, so I searched all around. I found an FD with keys in the ignition, and so I took it and made way for a place I knew they picked up people with our training that weren't happy with their current position. I tried a few different locations, but couldn't find the bus stop that would pick me up. The FD wasn't in the greatest shape and it started not being able to leave 2nd gear. So Shawn McGhee came and loaned me a truck to continue my search. Eventually, I found the bus line and spectral Brittany and I got on. On this bus, it was even more crowded, with seats arranged closer together and a lot less space. Well, the bus started it's loop. Kelly Williams got on the bus and handed me his iced coffee, I drank some and handed it back, moving over to an empty seat and having everyone move down so he had the outside. Fred and George Weasley were there and we had a discussion about how they thought their siblings weren't really full because their mom had cheated on their dad and they warned that they'd been through the loop a lot and had noticed the disappearing people. We talked of the school and surrounding conspiracies. They got off somewhere in a field. We continued on and picked up Angel, who just wanted to get back to his family, and a couple other girls who were tired of the loop as well. At this point the bus was pretty empty by comparison. I told the driver to take us to the city, that regardless of our specialty we'd be most likely to find something to do to be successful there. So, we entered downtown. Angel asked how far away it was from his family, and we told him it was the closest he would get -and so he went on his way. Myself, and the other two girls were handed giant bouquets of beautiful roses in a variety of colors and size and along with spectral Brittany, left the bus. We surveyed our area and saw a florist shop. Figuring that we had some supply he might want, we took our bags there and asked him if he wanted to purchase any of our goods, and possibly employ us for working in his greenhouse or doing arrangements. He was a bit hesitant at first and said he didn't want to buy any of our flowers, because they were still mostly buds and he like big full flowers. One of the girls reached out and painted the flower he held in his hand bright red, and arranged some paper and things to make it look even better than it did prior. With this, he was impressed and asked if we all could do that. When we nodded, he set us down with three vases, and we began each to paint the vase and the flowers within to look spectacular. Then he gave us canvases and told us each to paint whatever it was we had in mind. We each pained a beautiful bouquet of flowers. He asked us if any of us knew how to paint real life, like if he were to have a woman laying on his counter would we like to paint her. We told him that while we wouldn't like to, as the images in our mind were far better than reality, that we could paint her and quite well. To test this he and a friend I suppose, laid down on the ground and covered themselves with powder. He said to paint them, like they were dead and if we did a good job we might be employed. We all began to paint furiously, trying to capture what was before us, but also add our own spin and imagination to it. Before any of us had finished, the models sprang to life, in three sets, each covered with our painting. They then argued amongst themselves as to who looked the most dead. It must have been a tie I suppose, because then the owner said that to see if we could be hired we would have to perform an electronic type song for him. One of the girls got up and sang, and the other and I sat against the back wall, and had trouble picking out a song to do. I kept thinking of Daft Punk, but all I could think of was Around the World, which I thought would be a bad choice. I texted Zach Rogers to help me out with song choice, and decided that I knew the most lyrics to Fireflies so I guess I would just go with that. There was a pretty big crowd around us picking out songs too, and trying to find mixed versions of country songs and Queen.

Then I woke up.

I remember Jenny Avery being there, and Kate and Leyna from work at points as well...they may have even been the other girls I was with, I'm not sure. Pretty vivid dream though, and long.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two Years

have gone by since Johnathan and I officially started our journey.

♥ Here's two another two, twenty, and beyond. ♥

In perfect timing, the drawing I asked a coworker to make for me based on an idea I had for a tattoo is complete!

The triquetra represents: past, present, future as well as mind, body, soul - interwoven and never-ending. The ivy represents fidelity, wedded love, friendship, and determination.

♥ 3 months ♥ 8 months ♥ 24 months ♥

Friday, March 4, 2011

our story

Boy meets Girl.
Girl's heart is broken from Ex-Boyfriend.
Boy's heart is dead to Girlfriend.
Girl offers Boy advice to keep him with Girlfriend.
But, Girlfriend slept with Ex-Husband and Boy slept with Random.
Boy doesn't feel love for Girlfriend, doesn't see Future.
Girl tells Boy to follow his heart.
Boy tells Girlfriend to go Home.
Girl tells Boy that if he's not in love, it's a good idea.
Girlfriend doesn't want to leave Boy, so Boy avoids house where Girlfriend won't leave.
Boy avoids house by hanging out with Girl.
Girl realizes she like Boy, but tries to keep it a friendship due to Broken Heart.
Boy tells Girl he loves her broken heart.
Girl realizes that Boy isn't like Ex-Boyfriend. He's a different kind of boy.
Boy dares Girl to jump into a pool in the middle of winter.
Girl jumps, releases her pain into the frozen water.
Boy and Girl run to sauna with Friend Chue to be warm.
Boy tells Girl how he feels in Metaphors.
Girl tells Boy she feels the same.
Girl tells Boy that once Girlfriend goes home - Boy can be with Girl.
Boy takes Girl on First Date.
Boy and Girl become Inseparable.
Boy wants Girl all for himself.
Girl guards her heart.
Boy tells Girl Now or Never.
Girl decides Now sounds best.
Boy and Girl drive Friend Az to Disney.
Girl realizes she's falling for Boy harder than anticipated.
Girl sublets apartment from Friend Az.
Boy stays over all the time, asks "Should I just move in?"
Girl realizes it's all so fast, but likes having Boy there.
Five months later Boy proposes to marry Girl.
Girl says yes, as she loves Boy like no one before.
Girl and Boy invite their friends, say their vows.
Boy and Girl sign the paperwork on Christmas.
Girl and Boy are together, forever.

Yeah, that's the simplest version of events. Here we are, almost two years after John said now or never. I am so glad that I decided to choose the now. We have had our difficulties along the way, we will continue to have them. There will never be enough time, or enough money for all that we want to do. Yet, we were friends in the beginning and we've remained best friends through it all. We may have to borrow money to keep our heads afloat, but we are determined to keep them afloat.

As soon as we get our cars fixed, things will be so much easier. Yet, issues keep arising unforeseen as we try to fix things. I am so thankful to those friends who have stood by us, I am so thankful for my family. Without them we would not be able to survive.

I spaced right over my monthly post, so 10 days late...
Happy "Anniversary"

♥ 2 months ♥ 7 months ♥ 23 months ♥

I look forward to continuing my story with you, Boy