Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Okay, well.... I've gotten in touch with Craigslist, the humane society/pet finder, and posted on a neighborhood site. Thus far, no word on the fluff known as Murr. I'm crying, Mitter's crying... but I haven't heard any murrs in response. I've walked the streets, but with so many houses, so many back yards, it's impossible to look everywhere, and even if you did you still might not find her/him.

I just hope that wherever she is, he's happy. That this was her chance to live the feral life that she wanted. Why she's always stayed close to home before when he's escaped, and this time seemingly vanished... I don't know. Perhaps it is that the weather is more fair and the area more explorable.

I have her picture on my "this is why you work" board... a piece of paper I keep above my computer monitor at work with pictures of John and the kitties... motivation when work gets me down. Today, I looked at it and started bawling at my desk. I'm sure hormones don't help the case any...

Can you get any cuter than that‽
I mean, this one tries.....

I guess he does a pretty good job when he wants to. I've kind of lost hope... but it hasn't been too long, not yet a week.. so maybe we'll get to see her again soon.

Until then, sleep well wherever your head lies....

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Woo Insurance!

Because I am beyond broke, pregnant, and don't currently have any other offerings on the table, I was able to qualify for the Oregon Health Plan. So, since February all of my doctor's appointments, ultrasounds, etc. have been totally covered. As I started my new job in February, I'll be eligible to start getting insurance through them in May. Which very well may leave me fending for myself by paying for insurance and a deductible I can't afford. I'm hoping I'll still qualify for some sort of help in the matter...

Since I know I won't probably have it for very long, I went to the dentist (it'd been 5 years) and eye doctor (it had been 4 years) along with my normal baby check up. The dentists has always been a calming place for me, though I'm sure that makes me some kind of freak, and it was nice to get everything all tidied up. Teeth looked great, no cavities - which was a surprise given my oral hygiene over the last 3 or so years has consisted of quickly brushing my teeth in the morning before work and nothing else. I do, however, show signs of pregnancy gingivitis, so Listerine was recommended. Hopefully that clears up and I'm able to keep everything shiny. I also got floss threader things to clean out my permanent retainer since it's a pain in the ass. Yay!

At the eye doctor's, I learned that my prescription just needed slight adjusting. Although, I'm not sure how slight since I feel my vision is far worse and I'm not being able to see anything even with my, we'll see. However, I also learned that OHP while great for doctor's appointments and pretty good for dentist appointments, is not so great for glasses. The cover the exam, which is amazing - but then only the cheapest of cheap products. Which, essentially boils down to them covering $75 and you covering the rest. Luckily John sold his bike and we had a small amount of extra cash left over from that after paying bills.

At the prenatal check up I learned that everything is right in the middle of where it should be. So even though apparently I look way bigger than 21 weeks according to family...and the lady at the DMV... I'm actually totally average. That, and seeing some other pregnant ladies that look just as/more pregnant than me that are less along helped my confidence a bit. Though, I still feel giant! Oliver is growing perfectly proportionally and we got more negative results back from genetic screening (a good thing). It was last appointment with Dr. Brown's office since she's decided that in June she's going to stop delivering babies. So I've got to make an appointment with another office in the area. If they don't work out, I may end up delivering at St. Vincent's instead of Tuality. Which wouldn't necessarily be the worst thing ever, but - I don't know, for some reason Tuality feels more safe and less corporate, even though they're way more into making money than St. Vincent's is. Also, I'm a little worried about the insurance change over in May. I have no idea who the insurance provider is, and what doctor's they'll support... which could change something again and I might only get one appointment at my new place before I have to switch. I hope it's not Kieser or something which doesn't give me much choice in the matter.

I feel much better though, that I've taken care of myself, and although I had to pay quite a bit for the glasses/lenses - I've still saved five times as much over the last few months by having OHP in the first place.

So, yay insurance! Yay being healthy! Looking forward to having a perfect baby boy here in (OMG!) four months.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy birthday/Easter!

Happy Birthday Johnathan!
Happy Easter everyone!

This weekend we're saying "whoops" to the diet and eating what's...there, I guess. We did semi-okay yesterday with veggie pizzas but... there were chips and cake and soda... the kind of noms that beg for me and leave you feeling less than pristine the next morning. And soon we'll be heading off to a family BBQ for Easter, which I'm sure will be full of burgers, franks, and all other kinds of animal protein goodness.

Oh well, for dinner we'll be back to the wholesome goodness, and we'll continue it - so I guess it's not *that* bad to have an average American's diet for two days.

John's birthday party was actually quite nice, hanging out with friends new and old - just conversating. So much so that I lost my voice from talking and laughing by the end of the night. Never a bad thing in my opinion.

Reached out to Tiffany the other day. Seems like John wants to know my agenda. I don't have one, really. I just want her to know that she's still loved, I guess. That even though there are bad things happening in her life that it's okay... I don't know. That and now that she's not with James she won't have that... evil? breathing down her neck. Maybe she'll get back to what she once was. Or, at least something more that than what she's been of late. We all change, grow up, have families so... I guess hoping for high school is a little more than silly.

Oliver is getting bigger and bigger by the day it seems, and that means so am I! I don't know how I'm supposed to contain him when he's twice as long and seven times as heavy. I feel like I'm bursting at the seams already. I guess we'll stay tuned on that note. I made a new blog as well ( that's not exactly going to be entertaining to anyone - but is a journal of sorts from me to my son. I think it'll help me bond before he's born, and something to keep going throughout his years - to maybe bind into a book once he's an adult or something.

Happy Easter to one and all. Let's take a moment to celebrate new beginnings, spring air, and - most importantly recognizing that "God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." Have a safe, fun, and happy holiday!