Sunday, March 5, 2006

I'm sick

Chest X-Rays reveal - this girl has lungs. Blood test shows - yep, blood too. Well, it's obvious you can't breath so here 'oxygen up your nose with a rubber hose.' and breath nice breaths through this tube as it releases... something like super strength asthma inhaler at a constant pace. No diagnosis 0 just rest, fluids, two puffs every four hours on the inhaler - oh, and here take these steroids that'll be sure to make you yell at your boyfriend who never left your side for over 24 hours and spent the night to make sure you didn't die in your sleep. If I do tonight, there'll be no one to know until tomorrow - but I don't think it's my time just yet.

Besides my exciting trip to the hopsital my life's been pretty ordinary. I got a job at Rose's as a hostess. Training is the 13-16, three days our of the four for three hours each day. The restaurant doesn't open until the twenty somethingth. Clint and I are nearing our one year anniversary - yay! I want to plan something, I just don't know what. I don't know what to get him, although I should have some money saved up by then.

I just realized I didn't write anything about winter formal. Well... it was February 11th at my house. Clint came over and we chilled for a while. I made a bag to take to his house because he had to clean his room and I was getting my hair done near there. Brit and I got our hair done. Mine was so curly and bouncy and cute. Then I went got got my nails noe. We went to Clint's house where he picked up his room and got ready while I did my makeup and got dressed. We met Brit and Justin at Rock Creek Tavern for dinner -- where they were twenty minutes late. After we ate we headed to the school. In the parking lot we drank some rum and then went inside. We got our pics taken, they were so good! We danced and it was pretty hot. Then we went to Justin's friend Harmony's house and got totally drunk (well Clint and Justin didn't drink). Then we went back to Clint's house and ended up falling asleep. I was supposed to be home at two, instead we were both out of it until 3:30. But I got home, still looking fabulous and my grandma didn't really care... that's pretty much it. Amazingly fun - and I can't wait until prom!

I really am having trouble breathing still.... I'm going to say lights out and time for meditation. I'm all headache, fever, achy, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, can't breathing, no appetite, stomach crazy, fatigued, sinus pressured out.

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