Friday, December 25, 2009

I wish you a merry Christmas

It feels like I was writing my eight months post only days ago. Yet, here we are, at month number nine. Seven months away from our wedding. It is a wonderous thing indeed.

Christmas has been pretty good this year. Nothing super fantastic to report, but nothing bad either. Overall I'd say it's about fifty million times better than last year's where I was contemplating the end of my existence and wondering if was possible to hurt more. Yeah - wasn't good. This year was lots of chili, cannibal bunnies, ammunition and such full. It was fun with my loves of all shapes and sizes and relation. I think that I'd be alright with such things next year as well.

John and I didn't get presents for each other, and based on what we want (he wants shoes, I want clothes) I don't think we will really, but we'll probably go shopping on Saturday (tomorrow) to get said items. We have... not a lot of money, but 100 from my Grandma for Christmas, that will at least get shoes and maybe a dress... if we do it right. I'm looking for a good date outfit. Black dress, red heels, something sparkly. I don't know, I have a pair of jeans and enough t-shirts.... Although I'd like to completely revamp my wardrobe, it is for now okay. I lack something suitable for a nice dinner out - or a show. I had a couple, but my aunt Christie commandeered them a couple years ago.

I am hoping that with all the business lately, that we'll be able to breath soon as we enter the new year. I have lots of planning ahead of me for the wedding, and a hot body to find in myself for my honeymoon. I need to lose three inches for my waist and that's it, beyond tightening up and increasing strength overall.

I wish you (my, what, one reader?) all the best and magical holiday wishes and hope for us all that 2010 rocks our socks and kicks 2009's ass...royally.

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