Thursday, February 11, 2010

guns are fun and family's the future

I've kind of failed on the entering new, well old journal entries, haven't I? I've been failing to do much of anything these days. Waking up way too early and not having a lot of money will do that to a person I suppose. I have found a rather expensive hobby I do enjoy, shooting. It's something I didn't think I would like too terribly much, but it really is quite enjoyable and entertaining. Although for Johnathan and I both it's about $80 per trip - and that's only because we purchased a membership at the range, but it does include 200 rounds of ammo. Other than that I really want to get into scrapbooking. I've somewhat enough space to do so, and it's something which is fun and you get to look back at the times in your life that meant something to you. I recently went through my box of stuff I thought I'd be adding to a scrapbook at some time or another. I noticed that I didn't remember what the significance of a lot of the things were - and who really needs that many MAX tickets! I did get to reflect on some pretty good times, and show Johnathan old pictures of my family. I didn't think I'd have any proof of my youth, but it turns out there are a few photos I can pass down.

Johnathan was discussing the new cars he would like if he were to be able to get one. The BMW Z series, MINI Cooper, Mazda Miata... and then he commented that by the time we'll be able to buy a new car, we'll probably have kids and will need something practical. Seeing as how, technically speaking, we'd be able to buy a new car in six months or so... perhaps it was an exaggeration, I don't feel morning sickness or bigger boobs or anything. I am excited to realize that he does want a family with me. I mean, he's told me that and all, but to hear him voice it to someone else is pretty spectacular. While I am slightly apprehensive, I look forward to that portion of our lives with much hope and excitement. While I know I definitely want a family, it seems strange to think of myself and Johnathan as a mother and father. Although it seems weird to think of Johnathan as a husband too. Not in the whole I'm married to him, but the label itself. Having a fiancee is wonderful, and I am soo looking forward to being married and all, I'm just not sure how I feel about introducing Johnathan as my husband. Strange.

I'm sitting at work, going through a list of keywords, bored beyond belief. The only highlights of my day are breaks, lunch, and home. I am so fortunate to be in the same building with my sweet, and be able to see him from time to time throughout the day. Life seems a little duller on days we don't work together, and work goes by a lot slower.

Speaking of work, this new assignment I'm on is pretty difficult, it involves lots of numbers and processes which I tend to forget..or were never told in the first place. People don't really care if you were told or not when you're dealing with tens of thousands of dollars though. The job isn't very rewarding, but it is a lot better than the standard base of work over here which involves searching through keywords and looking for relevancy issues and disallowed products/content. I could be getting paid to do a lot worse things for a lot less money though, so I am okay. I'm pretty sure that's how Stream keeps all of it's employees... easy job, decent money..

Besides guns and early hours, there is nothing much of note. Spending too much money on unimportant trivialities, and too little money where it counts. That's about it.

-Til next time.

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