Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day is for suckers

I am confused by half hour lunches and hour vto's... in which no one thinks of dear ol' me sitting at home waiting.

No one thinks of their special entry into the home where they will be greeted by chocolate covered strawberries and a glass of champagne with raspberry coulis. After kicking of shoes and relaxing for a bit they will then take part in marinated steak on home made crackers topped with caramelized onion. After a back rub they will then be feasting upon a spinach, asiago, sun dried tomato souffle with another glass of champagne/raspberry coulis. For dessert we then have a baked pear with it's self made caramel sauce and a few wonton churros. Then to walk into the room and see their valentine's present in proper presentation, and another present that they forgot about there as well snuggled on the bed all pretty like. After much hugs and thank you's we now proceed to headywhop and etc. followed by what better be some good good lovin'.

Instead of that day... We will turn to reality, where Stephanie's plans are not important. Instead of that we turn to boredom for me. We turn to leftovers for dinner and me wanting to cancel Valentine's day altogether - it'd be more efficient that way anyway. I've never tried so hard to make one person happy, nor failed so continuously.


New reality: One in which the boy decides to think of me and bring me the car home. Hurray! So I go and spend ridiculous amounts of money to make everything perfect... and then said boy reads above post after I asked him not to and planned on deleting it. Then said boy is a big enough idiot to let me know that he read it by posting a comment. Now I kind of want to kill him, myself, and cancel Valentine's day. Why the fuck did they invent such a stupid fucking holiday anyway? Why must you be SO ignorant?


  1. This makes me laugh, although it's really sad and not at all funny. I hope that you two have a good Valentine's day regardless. Love you both.

  2. Boys are silly and think V-day is only about us...Mouse won't even let me attempt to plan him anything special...good luck!!

  3. I just read this post...I still have the same comment though. Le sigh. Anyway, I think it turned out better than expected. We still need to figyure out that pear bit.