Friday, March 4, 2011

our story

Boy meets Girl.
Girl's heart is broken from Ex-Boyfriend.
Boy's heart is dead to Girlfriend.
Girl offers Boy advice to keep him with Girlfriend.
But, Girlfriend slept with Ex-Husband and Boy slept with Random.
Boy doesn't feel love for Girlfriend, doesn't see Future.
Girl tells Boy to follow his heart.
Boy tells Girlfriend to go Home.
Girl tells Boy that if he's not in love, it's a good idea.
Girlfriend doesn't want to leave Boy, so Boy avoids house where Girlfriend won't leave.
Boy avoids house by hanging out with Girl.
Girl realizes she like Boy, but tries to keep it a friendship due to Broken Heart.
Boy tells Girl he loves her broken heart.
Girl realizes that Boy isn't like Ex-Boyfriend. He's a different kind of boy.
Boy dares Girl to jump into a pool in the middle of winter.
Girl jumps, releases her pain into the frozen water.
Boy and Girl run to sauna with Friend Chue to be warm.
Boy tells Girl how he feels in Metaphors.
Girl tells Boy she feels the same.
Girl tells Boy that once Girlfriend goes home - Boy can be with Girl.
Boy takes Girl on First Date.
Boy and Girl become Inseparable.
Boy wants Girl all for himself.
Girl guards her heart.
Boy tells Girl Now or Never.
Girl decides Now sounds best.
Boy and Girl drive Friend Az to Disney.
Girl realizes she's falling for Boy harder than anticipated.
Girl sublets apartment from Friend Az.
Boy stays over all the time, asks "Should I just move in?"
Girl realizes it's all so fast, but likes having Boy there.
Five months later Boy proposes to marry Girl.
Girl says yes, as she loves Boy like no one before.
Girl and Boy invite their friends, say their vows.
Boy and Girl sign the paperwork on Christmas.
Girl and Boy are together, forever.

Yeah, that's the simplest version of events. Here we are, almost two years after John said now or never. I am so glad that I decided to choose the now. We have had our difficulties along the way, we will continue to have them. There will never be enough time, or enough money for all that we want to do. Yet, we were friends in the beginning and we've remained best friends through it all. We may have to borrow money to keep our heads afloat, but we are determined to keep them afloat.

As soon as we get our cars fixed, things will be so much easier. Yet, issues keep arising unforeseen as we try to fix things. I am so thankful to those friends who have stood by us, I am so thankful for my family. Without them we would not be able to survive.

I spaced right over my monthly post, so 10 days late...
Happy "Anniversary"

♥ 2 months ♥ 7 months ♥ 23 months ♥

I look forward to continuing my story with you, Boy

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