Saturday, March 3, 2012

Baby names and updates on life

I've gotten a lot of people asking me if we have any names picked out, so I figured this would be a good place to share the list we have so far.

Chances are the name we decide on hasn't been thought of yet, we tend to flip flop back and forth. Middle names are in parenthesis if they apply. And for ones that don't have middle names, just go with Lee .. that's a good middle ground. Or Francis, one of the best teachers from my youth gave everyone the middle name of Francis....

Girl Names:

Bellana (Paris)
Anna (Marie)
Megan (Gwynn)

Boy Names:

Warren (Kenneth)
William (Thomas)

and... John says no but I say they're still in the running....

Nicolai / Nicholas

This past week hasn't been the greatest for me... starting to show even more than ever and it's starting to kill my self esteem. If I stand up straight... I can't see my toes....

John pulled me into the bathroom to stare at myself in the mirror, told me I was as beautiful as ever, and made his hands into a heart on my tummy. So, you know, at least there's that.

It feels good to have support from most of my family as well. I think a few think we're too young, maybe foolish for the timing, I don't know.... but for the most part it's congratulations and war stories and it makes me feel happy that we told everyone. I know the biggest critic of my life will always be me, and I know I'm too young, and I know the timing is horrendous. I also know that despite the fact I feel like crap 24/7 and want a sling to help hold my tummy up... I've never been happier. Never more in love, never more excited for the future. And really, it's not necessarily that I'm too young either, just that I don't have a workable degree. Had I gone for dental hygiene like I had originally planned out of high school, I'd be a lot better off and the perfect age. I don't want to work once the baby is born anyway, and Johnathan is a breath away from 27 and has a workable degree that can make six figures if he wanted it to. So... yeah. We were finally caught up on everything and getting ready to pay down debt when we got pregnant, life was looking good. Fate had it we'd both be unemployed a month later. Such is life.

Anyway, thanks for all the kind words! We'll know here within a month or so the gender of the baby, and then we can really start scheming ;-) I've got a low paying job to finally bring in something since unemployment was denied, and Johnathan's applying and hoping. If you know of any places needing an IT guy, he's your man.

Smiles and Sunshine.


  1. There's always the great stand by of John. :)

  2. I would love a Johnathan Lee junior, go by JJ. But John says no.

  3. Bellana (Paris) makes me think star trek voyager.... not sure if that's something you guys are going for.

    Might I also offer the following name idea...
    Megatron or Optimus (Prime)

  4. It's definitely for the Voyager character. You'll notice Annika is 7 of 9's name and William Thomas is commander Riker, Wesley as in Crusher. Jean, Anna Marie, Megan Gwynn, and Warren Kenneth are all Xmen. :)