Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Okay, well.... I've gotten in touch with Craigslist, the humane society/pet finder, and posted on a neighborhood site. Thus far, no word on the fluff known as Murr. I'm crying, Mitter's crying... but I haven't heard any murrs in response. I've walked the streets, but with so many houses, so many back yards, it's impossible to look everywhere, and even if you did you still might not find her/him.

I just hope that wherever she is, he's happy. That this was her chance to live the feral life that she wanted. Why she's always stayed close to home before when he's escaped, and this time seemingly vanished... I don't know. Perhaps it is that the weather is more fair and the area more explorable.

I have her picture on my "this is why you work" board... a piece of paper I keep above my computer monitor at work with pictures of John and the kitties... motivation when work gets me down. Today, I looked at it and started bawling at my desk. I'm sure hormones don't help the case any...

Can you get any cuter than that‽
I mean, this one tries.....

I guess he does a pretty good job when he wants to. I've kind of lost hope... but it hasn't been too long, not yet a week.. so maybe we'll get to see her again soon.

Until then, sleep well wherever your head lies....

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