Thursday, June 18, 2009

an update

Well, I promised an here's an update.

The apartment we've got is pretty decent. Besides the little kids that are like gang warring each other and our neighbor that snores so loud we can hear him and the thumping of the Mexican music all the time... just dandy. The pool is nice, even though we only want to go when there aren't people there which means it's dark and the pool is closed. Hasn't been to much of a problem thus far though.

The unemployment coming in is a lot less than their estimated figure...only pulling in 238 a week. So I've got my applications for Food Stamps and Section 8 -- I can only hope that something comes through. I'm looking at -$800 a month until John's unemployment comes in and then we're at -$500. So we need some jobs or... a Fairy Godmother... or something. A money tree would be great. Hopefully Uncle Sam pulls through. All those taxes I've been paying over the years and such. A little assistance until someone figures out that bailing out companies isn't working and lets the market stabilize. Or... just you know solves it somehow.

John and I are super happy and such in the relationship field of things. I think if his ex would stop sending him texts that are... I don't know, inappropriate would probably be the best word, that there wouldn't be any friction between us. I cannot blame John for this though, and at least he's being honest with me and such so it's not, like... too bad.

I need to cash out my 401K deal, that will help a smidgen. In addition, hopefully I can get some money from my whole graduation deal. That's the par for the course gift, right? With a little luck and a whole lot of faith - maybe we'll pull through. A couple minimum wage jobs doing bullshit would be great. Know of any? I've been putting in applications and sending resume's everywhere with no avail thus far.

Keep on keepin on, right? I just hope that I can do all this without begging, borrowing, or stealing. Anyway, without money/job woes everything is fine. I think that I can get some loans going and school and such to even everything out. Here's hoping.

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