Monday, November 16, 2009

ups and downs

After three... four days of agonizing debating, screaming, crying, and general not fun times I think that we have come to an okay point once again. Apparently we are doomed to have epic battles every so often to keep the peace the rest of the time.... or something. I'm not sure exactly why we fight the way that we do when our answers are always the same. Differing perception. Two views arguing toh-may-to toh-mah-to. It's all quite real and horrible and frustrating and confusing and painful... but it's also ridiculously benign and silly. Yes, we were on the verge of calling of everything. After further discussions today, however, I think we came to realize that John can be wrong. . . Wait that wasn't it? Well... close enough. Now on to happier things... wait, that's wedding related! Post over on the wedding blog see you there!

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