Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm legal!

Me as an official adult! It's pretty exciting, actually.

I had a very fabulous birthday extravaganza. I got off work and watched a view episodes of Voyager. Then we went to Matzatlan and had tasty food. I got some Al Pastor tacos and a pina colada. The server got excited it was my birthday, and brought me some free tasty deep fried cinnamon sugar tortillas. As we're getting ready to leave, they come over with a giant sombrero and noise maker thingies and what not. From there we head home to drop off left overs and go to Uptown Billiards. Play a couple games of pool and drink a super crazy strong drink that was a custom creation of our server's. She gave us free birthday pool. Then I went to Montage and got Cotton Candy Chuckles and red beans and rice. Apparently I was the 3rd person to come in celebrating their 21st birthday. For dessert a flaming mudslide pie! So tasty - and of course, on the house. It was definitely a very fun night.

My birthday presents included $100 from Brittany's mom and $50 from the grandparents. So John and I went to Streets of Tanasbourne and got helmets, a bike pump, 5 panties, a lingerie set, and we each got a shirt from American Eagle. With the foods and fun times the money was totally gone. Still really wanting some items from my ModCloth Wishlist, but they can wait until full time employment is mine.

We also went to Buffalo Wild Wings for boneless Thursday and Happy Hour and got sloshed on some Wild Punch which is crazy tasty.

Tonight we're going to Color Me Timbers - an event with color crayons and house music and visual coolness. Hopefully it's going to be fun! Jeremy is one of the DJs performing, so we'll get to see his stuff.

Anyway, I'm a big girl now! Which means I can go places, and do things.

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