Sunday, July 11, 2010


I think I'm addicted to trance music. Or, maybe just trance shows. Or dancing. I'm not sure exactly what the precise combination is. But, regardless, nothing has been able to push through the haze lately like letting myself float on the punching bass. Dancing like I'm the only person in the room - yet pressed against so many other warm and pulsing bodies. Being one, yet one of many. Perhaps it's that in my day to day I don't really ever get to be me. Never just express myself however I see fit and not give a damn. Yet, there on the dance floor I can Surrounded by others who are just being them. I don't see why people need drugs to feel awesome at these shows - I guess intensifying the feeling. Kaskade was infinitely more into what he was doing and energetic and... pretty much just better all around than Paul Van Dyk. Good times. I was extremely bummed that I had to leave so early to catch the train home. I think next time a concert comes into town I want to actually stay to the finish of that I will drive. And wear thicker shoes so stilettos don't break me. . . and not ask people to rate me 1-10... because, really?

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  1. Hey, HEY. You asked me to rate you, I didn't even dogs.