Tuesday, July 27, 2010

rotary engines are a drug

When John brought home Savannah, I was less than pleased. Busted windshield, zebra camo hood... I mean, what was he thinking? I'm down so much fire power for this?!

New seats, new steering wheel, new shift rod, new shift knob, new wheels, new hood, new windshield, some spray paint... surprising little money put into the whole project directly. These RX7 guys are totally barterers in a modern world. Of course, it did cost us an XBox and guns... now I look at the car as a work of art. So much so that my entire outlook on the older sport cars has changed.

And now, I have Jane - a wedding present from the love of my life. A 1990 (or 91?) red RX7 Convertible. She is a beauty. Sure, she needs a fresh coat of paint, and her interior could stand to be revamped. I'd like to get some new wheels (or just steal John's...). There is a wish list forming in my head of all that I could do. And to thing, a few months ago I never would have given her a second glance.

Jane does have a salvaged title.... which isn't so great (and I'm assuming why we got it for 1/3 of the KBB 'good' value). When we compare it's KBB against my '04 Kia though... the Vert comes up double. Double, for a car over a decade older!

There's a 1993 R1 for sale in the surrounding neighborhood and apparently John has an in to a great price. Considering KBB for the car is about 18k, regardless it's going to be a pinch... and we'd have to sell Savannah to compensate a down payment. Still... I am in awe that these cars have held up so well. That after so many years they have such a huge consumer base. I suppose it makes sense, I mean - they're gorgeous, high powered machines. Reliable when maintained properly, and still able to outrun a lot of what's out there.

Now, I'm usually not a car enthusiast, but these cars - nearly as old as I - have piqued my interest.

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