Saturday, July 31, 2010

I need help!

It has not been an awesome week and a half. Yes, we got married, which was awesome! But....

Due to some issues with the payment source of the wedding, we ended up having to pick up quite a bit more than expected.

Not to worry, we sold some computer parts to a friend who would pay us in two installments. So he gave us $250 and we went on our merry way.

That was until - we went to a friend's barbeque this afternoon and someone in attendance / milling about decided it would be a great idea to lift my wallet from my purse. Granted, I probably should have had it on me... but I figured we were amongst friends - so what's the harm?

Now I'm down that $250 which was more than desperately needed. In addition, I now have to get a new ID and all that. Not to mention a new wallet.... (the wallet stolen was given to John for his 18th birthday :( )

Due to the wedding and such, we took time off which is going to limit our income over the next month or so. Yet, of course we make too much for government assistance in the matter.

So, if you can help us out - you would be a Godsend. We literally have less than a dollar to our name, and no groceries in our house. Anything to help make up what was lost would be more than appreciated.

If you can see us in person, great. Otherwise I've got a Paypal account you can add funds to.

We're willing to do what we can for those who help out... shout out videos, poems, whatever we can do for free.... John's willing to paint your name(s) on the side of his car.


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