Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm engaged

Apparently my snooping and finding out about the engagement didn't frustrate the desire, merely the operation. Today I jumped in the shower and was just standing under the facet getting toasty when in jumps John. Nothing out of the ordinary there, we actually have taken to showering together more than apart, just in case you needed that tid bit of information.

John hugs me and is all smoochy and such (yay love!). Then he said...something, I honestly don't remember now what that something was and holds up the ring in both his hands and asks. In case you couldn't tell from prior posts and things, I said yes.

I'm like *squee* *dance* *jumps* and then more little happy actions in happy little asterisks.

The ring needs to be sized because I have tiny midget hands, and should be ready by 9/9/9. Coolness.

I am now officially the future Mrs. Johnathan Addison.


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