Thursday, January 20, 2011

how New Year's resolutions are going

It's been about a month since we cut the person who caused massive grief to our family unit - and unfortunately, all those associated with him - out of our lives. It's hilarious that drama still goes on, but with no one to pin it on, as I removed myself from the situation, I'm not sure how. Oh well, it's their life blood, and the only thing keeping them together. So be it.


Back in my world, also known as reality, things are doing pretty well. We won't have enough time before our lease is up to get into a house, but that's okay because we've got other things to spend our money on. Jane needs some new shoes... or soles for her shoes, I guess. John's car is up in Bremerton where hopefully it is being reborn. We should be going to pick it up here in a couple weeks. That will complete step one: reliable transportation (or John's version of step one: having an AWD turbo). I am also debating getting a family-like vehicle - a crV or some other cross-over or SUV. Either way, step one is as good as finished.

There are three steps, and only two of which are essential. We will soon be one step closer to starting a family.

Step two: get out of debt. With a budget in mind, this shouldn't be too hard to accomplish by our desired date of 7/22. Our one year 'unofficial' wedding anniversary. Seems a perfect time to start our family going. I'm kind of picking and choosing the debt here, as we haven't started paying back the wedding yet - and we might pick up another car loan. But as long as we've got my car and John's medical bills paid off, I'm considering it finished.

Step three: move into a house. This one proves to be something that will have to wait until a little longer than we'd like it to. But, with our lease up in 11 days, and the minimum terms being 9 months - we'll have to make do until then. However, with our debt hopefully being paid off in six months, that'll give us a bit of time to save up for deposits and what not. I'm not terribly concerned about this portion of our plan too much. I know that we'll be in a house within the next five years (closer to four at this point), and I'm not too concerned about things happening before then. I'd obviously like them to, for my own benefit - but if it doesn't happen, I'm not going to fret.

John is finally getting his schedule switched to match mine. We won't have the weekends together, but we will be able to go to bed at the same time, and not have to worry so much about balancing the car between us (although in two weeks we'll have John's back anyway). It'll be nice to be able to have the most time possible in the day together. I'm not against having separate days off necessarily either - gives him time for car stuff and final fantasy, and me time for hanging out with friends or watching shows he doesn't like. As our favorite places to go are usually open late, we won't have to rearrange to much to get a date in there.
So, let's check in on New Year's resolution goals.

No soda: Check. This is definitely more difficult than expected, and I've tried to expand it to keeping my caloric intake low - 10 calorie rockstars, and no calorie flavored waters or teas. Hasn't been too hard, although occasionally I hear Dr. Pepper saying my name.

Preparing for and starting a family: We're not a third of the way there, by any means - but we are one step closer. Definitely on track to welcome Jaden William or Belanna Paris into the world in 2012.

Looks like we're doing good, but it hasn't even been a full month yet. Three months is a trend, let's hope we can keep up this roll we're on.

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  1. Jaden William and Belanna Paris are awesome names! It's awesome that you are staying on top of your resolutions, especially considering that starting a family is tough business. I admire you and wish you luck with that : )

    P.S. You should budget to come to Vegas in July...perfect 1 year wedding anniversary gift :P