Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's 2011

Goodbye 2010! Let's take a look over the last year...

I planned a wedding, got married, I convinced a friend to move here from across the country, and then lost her and others due to the evil of another. I guess, that's a pretty short statement of the fun, love, and tears that 2010 brought into my life. I made friends too, though. Good friends, great friends - who have been so much help to Johnathan and I that I don't think we'll be able to repay them. But, you know, they're friends, so I think all we need to do is the best we can to be their friends as well.

It's funny how a union is both the highlight and the downfall of 2010. It's the way of the world I suppose that for every good use of something, there will always be a bad. For every plan to use antimatter for energy, there will always be someone ready to make a bomb. And so on, and so on.

I look forward with anticipation to the new year, to all that it might hold for our tiny household unit. I hope that January brings us enough money and the right falling into place to put John, Bobby and I in a house. Looking at houses and the monumental space increase is exciting. I look forward to fixing both John's car and my own - so that we may have not only reliable transportation - but sexy, reliable transportation. I look forward to being out of debt. No more credit card bills, no more medical bills, no more owing on cars. Free. Wouldn't that be nice? And, if we can accomplish all of the above, to be in a house, out of debt, with two functionally running vehicles, I look forward to stopping the contraceptives and seeing what happens.

We've been up and down so much in 2010 it's been a huge financial and emotional roller coaster. It's been ridiculously good - i7s and awesome entertainment centers, and ridiculously bad - eating macaroni and spaghetti for weeks and selling all we can just to afford that. I've had two wallets stolen, and one lost but returned. I'm ready for some good grace to fall upon me.

I had an amazing holiday season! So much fun on the party bus, and parties for Halloween - awesome Montage nights for birthdays, great family and friends for Thanksgiving, a quiet and lovely Christmas, and a very celebratory new year. It turns out that a top hat and a mask mixed with some alcohol and karaoke makes for a very fun time.

So - farewell 2010! You will not be missed. You were nothing more than a stepping stone, and I hope all the ripples you created in the pond of my life are quick to fade into tranquility again.

Hello 2011! Please be better than 2010, hold me tighter - and with a bit more love. I promise to be good if you will.

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