Thursday, January 20, 2011

Virginity Hit - A movie Review

When Johnathan said our entertainment for the night was going to be a movie called "Virginity Hit" I was pretty hesitant. When the movie opened saying how it was about four gents trying to lose their virginity before high school... I wanted to turn it off right there. This story has been done, and overdone, and beaten into the ground.

This movie, however, had a lot more heart - and was filmed in a mock-documentary style.

The plot line follows Matt and his adopted brother Zach through the attempts to lose Matt's virginity (the film opens with Zach taking a bong rip to celebrate his recent V-Card departure). Matt and long time girlfriend Nicole plan to lose their virginity on their 2nd anniversary together, something which is interrupted due to Nicole's infidelity. The couple split, Matt embarks on / is forced by Zach into an adventure leading from sex studies featuring transexual sex dolls which are plastered on YouTube, suit stealing, and nipple play with a porn star.

There are lot of deeper issues which are touched upon as well: a death of a mother to cancer, and drug addict father depleting college funds, the relationship of adopted siblings, infidelity, and who you should give yourself to emotionally and physically.

The movie read as genuine despite ridiculous circumstance as it was filmed by the cast, who used their own names for characters. It was funny, heartwarming, and fit with our generations obsession of documenting our lives on the internet. If not for the big names rolling through the credits (produced by Will Farrell) we might almost believe that this was a true documentary of a happenstance of extraordinary events.

Yes, the concept is overdone - the situations a little outlandish.. but I think it fits perfectly with our time and was a fresh enough look with enough heart to make it stand apart.

Definitely not a classic, but warm, funny, and worth a watch 3.5/5

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