Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1200 Calorie Meal Plan Success

Well, back on the wagon sure feels a lot like sore quads. Ha! In other news, I think I've cracked the lo-cal mystery of how to not be hungry.

Breakfast: Meal replacement shake (190)
Snack: 1 medium banana (105)
Lunch: 14 baby carrots, 2 Tbsp. hummus (120)
Snack: 1 small gala apple (55)

Bam! Your day without hunger, and it's vegetarian too - so yay? I seriously think the secret is that carrots take forever to eat and are super crunchy.

Then of course I go home and eat a pretty decent dinner. Last night it was fish tacos, delicious! But you've got 700+ calories to play with depending on exercise so you can still go out with friends, have a drink, or whatever without feeling like you're undoing anything. Which for me, is a win.

Dinner: 3 fish tacos in corn tortillas with cabbage and siracha mayo sauce: 717.

Since I was then at my goal and completed my fit test (which was brutal but earned me an extra 90 calories), I had a few peppermint kisses for good measure. (98)

My fit test stats (amount in 50 seconds):

Squat Press: 23
Tricep Dips: 15
Jump Squats: 18
Pushups: 3
R Lunge Kick:10
L Lnge Kick: 11
Mountain Climbers: 16
Plank: 27 seconds

Sadly, these aren't that bad for what I consider my baseline. I mean, I did 3 whole push ups. So obviously, I still have some residual strength in there somewhere. I feel like this style of workout video is pretty awesome, like where she's actually heavily breathing and having to pause, etc like you know, a real person. Tonight is cardio, woo! (SARCASM) I seriously hate cardio. So, so much. Yet I realize its importance for weight loss and endurance so I guess I'll do it. Maybe.

When did this become a fitness blog?

In other news my kid is still a demon beast, but at least I got some giggles out of him this morning! Husband had a second interview today, please send all of the good vibes our way.

See you tomorrow!

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