Wednesday, January 7, 2015

BBM - Day Two

Yesterday was an okay day, DH did well on his assessment and has a possible web design job lined up, but in Seattle, so that's kind of unfortunate as the company is wanting him to drive there. I am hopeful that we'll have *something* soon, even if it's just unemployment.
Food-wise I did okay, though I did have pizza for dinner and fruitcake dessert. Even so, total caloric intake for the day was 1460, with about 95 calories burned in exercise; so net under 1400 which is pretty good and still puts me at weight loss.
I'm feeling a bit hungrier today than I have been the last couple of days, which is hopefully indicative of an increase in my metabolism as I've actually been moving the last couple of days. I am curious as to how accurate the caloric burn estimate is as well. The workouts haven't been terribly long, but they are obviously effective. Just ask my quadriceps that can't work today and have me limping around the office. Though for MyFitnessPal it's all about the cardio, and it goes off of time not movements or mileage so that's obviously skewed somewhat as well. The options around that are to buy additional equipment (FitBit or one of their other sponsored trackers) which I'm not really about. Oh well, it does give me an estimated look and that's really all it can be.
From watching Bikini Body Mommy videos it looks like she does a blend of strength and cardio in each work out, regardless of what style she's aiming for for the day, which I suppose works since cardio burns the fat and strength builds the muscle. Maybe 90 days will be enough to build a habit. 21 obviously wasn't. It works out nicely of course that I likely will be sporting a bikini in 90 days or so, taking a vacation to somewhere where the sun is shining. I hope we're able to get away, even for only a weekend. To be honest though, even if I stick with it for the full 90 days I know I'll want to give myself permission then to really let loose, and I'll say just for a day but it'll turn into two and then five, etc. I really hope to not let that happen this time around, and to keep it super restricted until I hit my goal, then adjust for maintenance.
My numbers from day two:
Step-up Right: 14
Step-up Left: 16
"Jump rope": 120
X Squats: 21
Pogo jump: 121
Burpee: 7
Jumping jacks: 26 (I hit my failure point during burpees)
Side shuffle squats: 21
Star plank jumps: 23
I feel fairly good about those numbers and am excited to see how much improvement is possible. I watched day three already, and it seems tough, given the fact that currently, walking is tough.
See you guys tomorrow!

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