Friday, January 9, 2015

BBM Days 3/4

This morning my hell beast was a bit sweeter. However, last night was the worst. THE worst with him. And I caved. Into a bucket of fries and some ranch. Which left me feeling gross and bloated and nasty so I didn't work out. So I got up this morning and busted out my delayed workout. The very first time *ever* that I've gotten up early to sweat it out, so I'm pretty proud of myself in that regard. But kind of feeling not so great about my eating yesterday... which we also found out the DH can't get unemployment, so we're going to have to live off my income until he gets something. If anyone knows IT firms hiring, or anywhere! please let me know.

Day 3:
Calories: 1318. Exercise: ~64.

Squat Press: 24
Bent Rows: 30
R. Liberty Lunge: 12
L. Liberty Lunge: 11
Irish Jig: 109
L Raises: 23
Mountain Climbers: 33
Plank: 30 seconds

Day 4:
The worst.
Calories: 1807 Exercise: 0

Bring it on day 5!

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