Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I'm in love

I guess I am a fan of writing into the wee hours of the morning. I just wanted to somehow get out all of this love I'm feeling. Tonight was so romantic and beautiful and.. yeah. I don't know if it's good or bad how much more close I feel to him now, or that I feel re- in love with him. Like I fell all over again. It felt like the first time I knew I loved him. Maybe it's good, feeling as I do is awesome. But, should it take sex? It's not just the physical part though. Other ways he gets me to come are just pure physical and I don't get any emotional satisfaction out of it. I suppose I'll stick with, it's a good thing. I love him so much. I don't think that anyone could ever make me feel like he does. He's just.... amazing, and we have the best relationship. We can talk about anything and we've made it through fights most kids our age would hae split apart over. I sincerely feel like he is the one meant for me, my soul mate. God smushed our paths together at precisely the right moment...and now we're completely inseperably in love. It doesn't matter who else would tempt, or attempt to interfere. Gerald Clinton McGhee is entirely the one for me. I would never survive if he left me, in any way.. or it would be really hard to at least. We've been together for over eight months. That's a long time to be completely devoted to one person, at least I think at our given ages it is, it's definitely long term. 2/3 of a year. Of course, forever is an awfully bigger number than that, but I think we can take it. I love him so much! I hate being away from him when I don't have to be. Like... I'm fine at school and work, but like if he's sleeping at his house and I can't wake him up at like noon... or like tomorrow he's got poker night. I'm going to miss him. I should do some of that homework but I don't know if I'll have the motivation. I work tomorrow, or.. today, from 5:30 to 10:30. So that's more time from him, but like I said work's bearable. I hope he either decides not to go play poker, or he loses early or something... magically winning in like an hour would be the best scenerio, though impossible. Whatever. I just am in a really clingy mood.. .loving him so much.. it's making me sad not being with him. Tonight he left so fast, well he tried to, I caught him back with kisses :) Ha, I'm so not as stalkerish as my writing would seem, I swear! I should go to bed, but why? There seems no reason, really, other than I'm tired. Lol. Yeah. So tomorrow's agenda is to wake up and get ready to go to work, mull around, do some homework, play SIMs, each, change, and go to work. Clint will pick me up so I can see him for at least a little bit. Exciting? Not really, of course, I might see Clint before work too, which would excite me. Because I'm a girl, what do you expect?

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