Thursday, December 29, 2005

I'm still sick, and working

I worked tonight, and it sucked really bad. I was all sick and running fevers and coughing while trying to fold clothes. And there weren't a lot of people there so it was kind of boring because there wasn't a lot to do. And in addition to that Kessler, Pam, and Sarah weren't there so I didn't have anyone to really talk to. So I was totally solo. Earlier today I got some homework done, so now all I have to do is answer some question and maybe read Macbeth and do a study guide. I need to do some studying too because I've forgotten a lot of information over the break. I didn't get to see Clint before work, but I did after, which was nice. I've been working on drawing people, practicing because I really want to draw Clint and have it look like him.

I don't think that Brittany and I are more than acquaintinces now.. but I guess that's okay...she's not much fun, she's always uber-serious and takes on this holier than thou attitude. Mix that with bossiness and easy irritability and not such a good thing happens. Even when she's trying to be funny or something it just ends up annoying me because her funny... isn't funny. Oh well, life goes on. I'll always love her like a sister, but it doesn't seem to be enough anymore. Betsy's still chill, but it doesn't feel like she digs me too much anymore. I guess I need to take some acquaintinces ... Jenny mainly, and spend more time with them. Me and Jenny have known each other since the fourth grade and have always been on good terms. She's cool, but kind of into gossip... I don't know. Clint's all I really need, but I can't alienate myself from everyone... Then again Gabe, Jeff, Jayson, Marshall... the guys in my life would be there for me no matter what, well maybe not Gabe, but the others completely have my back. Girls don't seem to be my cup of tea, not that they were in the first place... whatever, It's all good.

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