Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I'm addicted to the SIMs

Yeah, I am definitely addicted to a computer game. The SIMs. Yep. I played for two and a half hours without even blinking. Sheesh. I guess it's just a waste of paper ... writing that, but I have to write or draw... something artistic. The death of my great grandma is still on my mind, but more so in remembering good times in a happy state of mind. I'm so delighted that I received a journal, I love to keep track, then reread. I have one so far completed, just a spiral. I started another one, but lost it, somehow. I'll probably (hopefully) find it at a later point in time. But I wouldn't write in it if I did... so, I don't really know what would be the point in that. I should most definitely be going to sleep now. I have a dentist appointment in less than twelve hours, and need to save energy since I'm running fevers and have to be at work in... 38 hours. I have a lot of homework to do as well before winter break is over. Ugh. So much to do.. .too apathetic (I guess) to do it. There's plenty of time, apathetic isn't the right word. I just would rather be with Clint than do homework. I know we can be together at the same time... just it's not quality time. Yeah.

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