Tuesday, December 21, 2010

it's official!

Today Johnathan and I went and filled out the necessary paperwork to become official husband and wife.

It was kind of surreal writing "Stephanie Michelle Addison" for the first time. That is definitely going to take some getting used to. It's fitting, I suppose, that tomorrow marks five months since our wedding. I cannot believe that it's almost been half of a year since we set out on the beach in front of our friends and family... and yet, so much has happened in such a short time.

I am so happy that we are actually making things legal and that I'll be able to stop hearing "So, uh, when you changing your name?" I am blessed to have such a person as Mr. Johnathan Addison in my life. I cannot wait for all the wonders that the future holds for us. Houses and babies, and hopefully less broken cars...

We may not be a movie made love story, but we are definitely a love story.

♥ Here's to another five months, five years, five decades. ♥

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