Monday, May 2, 2011

You made me cry.
You make me cry.
You're in my dreams almost every night, and I miss you.
But I can't forgive you, I can't forget.
I keep hoping that something will change, but each day that goes by it's less and less likely.
He will always be evil, always be willing to sabotage me and my love. Always jealous and spiteful.

I keep hoping you will open your eyes to all that occurred, but I know each day the truth is farther and farther from your grasp.
I share the same scar - and I don't think it will ever fade.
So we move on, we live our separate lives.
When things dissolve, I can never guarantee it wouldn't happen again.

So here we are.

But, I hope you are happy in this path you've chosen. And, I love you - as I've always loved you. When you find the truth inside his lies, you know that I'll be here for you... as much as I'd like to say I'll never let you back in... I know it's not the truth.

If I can forgive Clint, I can forgive you. So when it all falls down, I'll be here to catch you if you want me to.

I might say I told you so, but I've been pretty good about keeping that muted over the years with all your other lovers fallen by the wayside.

It seems pointless to let anyone else in. You've always been my soul-mate, and while others may make the same mistakes, they'd never be as important - so what's the use?

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