Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Double Dose for Hump Day

She sits on the pixie pier
her toes are in the sand
She searches round and round again
for the all so helping hand.
Her wings are fading in the wind
Her glow is growing dim.
No more bells as she whispers
barely faint cinnamon.
She tries to face another day
a voice claims
Doesn't matter anyway.
She clutches at the memory
of the not so distant past.
A tear falls down her cheek
escapes a sigh
might be her last.
The whirlwind of hopelessness
takes her breath away
She is stranded by the thought of we she forgot to say
She is tortured by the promise
‘til my dying day.
She watches that great light of hers
slowly fade to grey
She stares into the blackness
What once was her soul
She reaches out a hand but everyone is turning cold
Finally she realizes what this is all about
She's on her own
She's made her stand
and now she's all left out
The love she once shared has been drug
strewn about
No more laughter in her footstep
no more gleam in her eye
Falling to the earth she lets out her final sigh
The world, the tide, the sun, all whisper their goodbye
And as the picture fades to black you see the knife in her side
This loves’ fate, the curse she laid
she never had any choice
A promise made, a promise broken
just like her young heart
We leave her as a memory
and truly fade to dark

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