Monday, August 15, 2011

Face pressed
to the glass
of our indiscretions
Broken thoughts
frayed edges
fall to the floor
Mind liquidation
Apathetic notions
of a one way street
forked in two
One way desires
the other
rationalizing rationally
Repeating myself
Again and over
Dried cracked tongue
white flag waved

A wave of pure
sweet and beautiful
And only then
Can I feel free
Pitter patter
beating of my heart
pounds my chest
face contorts

flitting around inside
a squillion butterflies
wanting to escape
They force
their energy on my typing fingers
to keep from bursting my flesh

so bitter sweet
I roll it around my tongue
savor the flavor
the texture
smooth, silky

How does something so sweet
terrify me to my core?

Take me

Cover me
In your world
I cannot comprehend

Fill me with your notions
Your thoughts
Musings of a mind

Short on random access

Thrust your feelings
Inside me waiting
Rushing through

Rip in time

Falling as we
Tumble through
Hold me close

Squinting eyes

I can't see
The world in front
Like you can

Crystal dark visions

I am scared
Truth burns like lye
Comforting a sinner

What am I?

Pray at night
Covers closing round
Arms held tight

Faith is all we have

Is all
We have

All we need?

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