Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gamma, DBug, Display

When HP Gamma went away we sighed our ways into other corners of the building. We sent the occasional e-mail, we dissolved. But then, really, we were never that close anyway. Phone contracts tend to isolate you from your closest coworkers.

When Disney ended, those of us that were close, we stayed that way... for a while at least. And we still see each other, for the holidays, for birthdays. Like some distant extended family. We recall the best job ever. What it was like to prance in Pixie Hollow, or jog along the Caribbean shore... and get paid, well. We held each other when the end was near. Often times literally. We drove each other to new destinations, frolicked in the sunshine, ate buffalo wings and played on the beach. Together. All welcoming, all loving, all encompassing.

No, Display will never be what Disney was. I am not greeted by a group of people each day I arrive. There are no hugs when I get to work or throwing a Frisbee in the parking lot on break. We don't lunch as a group, we don't play as one. Still... it has been two years. Most days. And...
I just want to hug you and say.... "I've hated/ignored/been annoyed by/been jealous of/been furious with you.... but, I'm attached to you. I will miss you when you're not around." Our team is small, we are able to talk amongst ourselves all day and not cause great distress. We share our lives, hobbies, passions. We proofread each other's manuscripts and teach each other crafts. Formed our very own little codependent unit. A blend of backgrounds, thoughts, and perspectives. And, it works. Mostly, usually. We've trail-blazed through unknown territory together. Gone from not knowing what we were doing to handling more tickets in less time. Writing and forming knowledge bases and training materials.

Soon, it'll be gone. Like so much else in this ever changing trap that is a call center.
I hear ACS is hiring.
So many places hiring.
I don't know if I'll stay, find something else to do in the building. Go to a new company, sit at home on unemployment. I've put out my feelers and have applied to jobs. Nothing back yet, internal or external.
I don't know what's going to happen... but I know I will miss the members of this team. We haven't enough glue to hold us together, and perhaps we don't really want their to be. But, we work well together.
So, good luck to all you Display kids, wherever the directions of change will take you.

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