Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 1 - Liquid Diet

First day of three on a liquid fast diet.
No, not a master cleanse or a drinking only water and juice... I only have a tiny tiny amount of will power stored.
A drink only protein drinks and water and whatever else is liquid and either calorie free, or low in calories.

Breakfast: Still felt okay hunger wise this morning after our farewell pizza dinner. There was something oddly comfortable and familiar in the chalky chocolate of the protein meal drink.

Lunch: Wishing I would have brought a strawberry with me for lunch. Chalky chocolate can only take you so far. I had a couple pieces of marionberry licorice to get the taste out. A downfall, saying no to free Kettle Chips. How I love me some crispy goodness. No hunger, just a feeling of being... empty. Craving baby carrots and hummus... which is not what I expected to crave (see hamburger and french fries). Drinking lots of water and feeling a little sad that I have to wait two more days for a delicious steak.

Dinner: Strawberry flavor is actually tasty, not nearly as chalky as the chocolate. Still protein powdery, but not that bad. While out and about, Johnathan bought me a buffalo chicken thing from 7-11, and I ate it. That, and some spoon fulls of the best mint chocolate ice-cream ever.... that still counts as liquid, right? Okay, so not the best day. It is hard not having something to really sink your teeth into. No hunger pains, but just... emptiness.

Breakfast and Lunch: 360 calories each. Dinner: 240 calories. Cheats: ~400 calories. Total:  1360. Definitely not "low cal".

Oh and... having to go to the bathroom with urgency and frequency previously unseen without food poisoning. That's been fun.

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