Saturday, January 14, 2006

I'm Engaged?

Yesterday was Friday the Thirteenth. Yeah, Clint rear-ended somebody. We were driving to my house from school and pulled to a stop light. Clint went to give me a kiss and then *CRASH* Mr. Mcghee apparently let his foot off the clutch and break ... which then let the Bronco move forward...into the innocent little car in front of us. At least Clint's dad didn't get mad. I mean, Clint gave some lame excuse of wet brakes, which was bought rather easily... so it was kind of an oh friggin' well, shit happens, you can't change the past so why stress over it situation. I mean his insurance will go up, the person he hit hasn't called yet so who knows by how much, but I guess Shawn was okay-ish with that.

I was worried, but I guess that's just my nature. Clint's working tomorrow...while I miss him, I need to do some homework and catch my room back up to par. Clint and I cleaned it hardcore, but it needs some readjusting. So I guess that's what my tomorrow will be. I bought a ring for Clint, I was thinking of giving it to him on our nine month anniversary... maybe at Rock Creek Tavern or something. He asked me to marry him, using one of my old rings that didn't fit...

Clint and I will make it, for sure! We totally have to, there's just too much love and togetherness and everything for us not to work out in the scope of forever. That's like four-ev-er. Four- ha! - right? Anyway... I love Clint enough to give him anything he wants - within limits of course. I hope all he wants is to be together forever and to have all my love and devotion.

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