Monday, January 2, 2006

it's 2006

Just to show what a brilliant friend I am, I bought Brittany's Christmas presents today. I didn't have any money until Dec. 28th when I got paid, but no... I waited even longer. I suppose the truth is I wanted to give them to her a long time ago, but whatever.

Clint forgot to pay his ticket, so his license could be suspended right now. He's going to pay it off and clear it up tomorrow.

New Year's was pretty good. Clint and I went to Christie's to play poker... I came in fifth out of six, Clint was fourth. Oh well, it was only a two dollar buy-in. So winner got $12, ten buck profit. We watched the ball drop... Clint and I started kissing when there was like two seconds left and so we kissed from one year to the next. I like it... I mean I thought it was a cute idea, instead of how everyone kisses at the New Year, I wanted to be kissing as it started.

School tomorrow.. UGH! Oh well, got to do it I guess... I should go to sleep.

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