Tuesday, January 24, 2006

ponderings of the future

Being a girl totally sucks. Cramps and what not and bleeding like a mother. Oh well, it's nothing new. Brittany and I looked at apartments for when we go to school. We can make the reservations for our place in August... which is seven months away. Doesn't seem like it's too close until you really look at it. Clint and I have been together for nine months and it feels like a fraction of that. Seven months will go by fast, especially with all the business of Senior year. Winter formal, AP tests, prom, homework, etc. Being with all my people - mostly Clint, but that could change. Then I'll be in college and living with friends and ... that's pretty crazy. The only prople I'll have is finding a job in the area close to school. Other than that I'll be okay.

I just realized that Brittany's parents are actually interested in her college. They actually give a damn. Like pay attention to dates of things and encourage her to do scholarships and everything like that. Mine? Couldn't care less. Didn't even care if I applied for it. All they care about is the money involved. How much it's going to cost them for my livelihood. For the betterment of myself. Fuck it. I'm too... angry

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