Tuesday, January 3, 2006

I'm an insomniac

Wow, I so can't fall asleep right. I think that during my break, my irregular hours did something to my internal clock. Or I became dependent upon Clint for sleep. When we spent long times together we napped and cuddled and lounged about quite a deal. So many hours of nightly rest were not needed, and due to the absence of school I could go to sleep whenever I chose to receive it.

Anyway... so when I'm tired now, sleep is not easily coming, though I know it would if Clint were here with me. In knowing that, perhaps it will be even harder to fall asleep. I called him, and the gentle, melodic rhythm of his voice nearly acted as a lullaby to my still active and working mind. Then he went to bed, and now I am left with my own resources...an interesting place to be I must admit. However, I fear I have only one choice - to lay in bed, pull up the covers, and simply wait for the kind sandman to sprinkle his dust of relief upon my anxiously awaiting eyes. Yes, wait I must, and so I shall.

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