Thursday, January 19, 2006


Why am I not at school? Because I'm waiting for Clint to pick me up. Why does Clint have to come get me? Because my grandma 'needed' to take a pain pill. Because she's in so much 'pain.' Maybe she is, but she's so annoying with it, I don't care anymore. No one can honestly be in the most intense pain they can stand 24\7. Except, of course, my grandma. I guess some one must have bent the rules for her. She's so full of it. Everyone has pain, that's not it... most people don't give up and have their goal in life consisting of laying down not doing anything. Most people don't complain entirely constantly. It's not right. She's either complaining loud enough so the whole house is full of it, or she gets out of doing something - like grocery shopping (which we desperately need to have happen), birthday parties, BBQs, anything. If her pain is real, then still she deserves not so much pity. She'd be in pain anywhere, so she should just do what needs to be done. It makes me so mad! She zaps the life out of this house. And her mother is the same way, only worse. She just copies whatever my grandma says is hurting, it's so annoying.

On the bright side, I'm so happy that I'm with Clint. He's my savior of this home. Takes me away so I don't become drained like the rest of them. Old and shriveling - not less than willingly. Without him, I'd be devastated.

-Had to vent.

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