Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 2- Liquid Diet

Day one I definitely had some less than focused moments, although I did better without temptation from the husband... who, on day one of his liquid diet had yogurt, 4 slices of pizza, and a buffalo chicken thing from 7-11. Yeah... not exactly on board apparently. I still feel pretty good about the whole thing overall as it's a big transition. The bathroom and I have become that's been... "fun".

Breakfast: Had a chocolate Slimfast. Less calories (180), way better taste than the Boost. Definitely felt the lower calories (half of what yesterday's breakfast was) as only a couple hours afterwards I was one hungry bear. Thinking this might be a better option if I'm feeling peckish in the later evening, or if I was going to be eating real food along with it (or double it up). Think I'll save the rest of that container for Friday and beyond when I can have real food. Made John drink his breakfast as he was planning on I guess just not eating as he was scared of the drink...but he finally gave in and said it was a similar experience to eating a chocolate PowerBar. He thinks that's a good option once we get done with this liquid phase, and they are often on sale for $1 each. As long as we're balanced, healthy, and around 1,000 calories, it's all good by me.

Lunch: Learned my lesson from yesterday, had a Strawberry Boost while watching an episode of Scrubs on Netflix in the car. Ah, the life. 240 calories.

Dinner: Chocolate Boost Plus. Didn't actually feel like I needed it, which was weird. Although John made it difficult because he kept raving about wanting steak, mushrooms, gyros, pizza, and... just about every other delicious sounding nom you could think of. 360 calories.

Non-liquid: 5 pieces of marionberry licorice. 1 rectangle of Symphony chocolate bar. ~200 calories.

Total Calories: ~980. Much better than yesterday, and officially 'low cal'. 2/3 of the way done with liquid only!

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