Monday, September 12, 2011

Drunk. Wedding. Football. Chicken Wings.

This weekend (Thurs-Sun) I:
- Watched the drunkest person I've ever seen crawl his way to a bathroom, and get dragged by his best friends the last 10 feet.
- Ate peanuts and potato salad for dinner (Thurs)
- Ate more seafood / food than I knew what to do with.
- Ate two desserts at each dinner (Fri/Sat)
- Ate a dozen chicken wings, and a whole basket of deep fried mushrooms (Sun)
- Got called a stuck-up bitch by some drunk, white-trash like women.
- Hula danced during karaoke
- Spent multiple minutes underneath Melissa's wedding dress, lacing corset backs and putting on garters.

- Spent at least 12 hours in a casino (but didn't lose any money!)
- Realized the preciousness of children.
- Saw the vicious circle of thinking someone doesn't like you so you act a certain way which makes them actually not like you....(think Stephanie and Melissa should have a heart-to-heart)
- Became amazingly grateful of the photographers I had at my wedding. For choosing friends/family it turns out I got amazingly lucky.
- Spent two days at the beach but did not once get my toes in the sand.
- Tried to play matchmaker, along with John, Diane, and bride & groom.
- Realized how young I really am.

- Watched three football games at once, and can't recall a single event from any of them.
- Cried watching the StateFarm 9/11 tribute video.
- Watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes, good movie - but not worth the hype (although it was just a TS)
- Listened to a phone interview (waiting for Wednesday to see if our lives are going to get a leg up).

- Watched two amazing people join their lives together in front of their friends/family.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Poland!

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