Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to Reality

Well, that calm before the storm didn't last very long. The long, carefree weekend has quickly been replaced by "Your claim for the week ending September 03, 2011 has been received but not paid because of a problem."

That extra $100-$130 that was needed to cover gasoline and tux rental? Yeah... about that. Not sure how that's going to happen. Johnathan posted some stuff up for sale, but it's stuff we really, really don't want to sell. Stuff we use every day and that makes life more enjoyable. Stuff that if we do sell, we'll want to buy again at a later time, and it'll cost more to buy again than we'll hope to make from it. But he did it proactively, we just can't take any chances. There's no reason for his claim to be denied... or any issues I can think of. The only possible thing is that he maybe answered one of their questions wrong, or the day we were in Yachats caught up to him... or maybe he did his math wrong, or left off a zero or something. Either way, fucked.

Especially since we have a pending check for $700 which will be coming out on the 12th. We have to have that unemployment money coming in to be able to eat. So... this is going to be a fun little next couple of weeks.

Weird family tension I can only assume has to do with the $9,900 we owe my grandparents and the $400 we owe Steve...and we're working on being able to pay that back... but not soon enough. For them, and for us too. This is in addition to the $16,500 in other debts, credit cards, medical bills and personal loans. Somehow we've gotten ourselves in a position where we owe just about everyone we know money, and barely able to take care of ourselves. We've got to pay the "real" debt first, and friends/family last, no matter how much we'd like to do it the other way around. Friends and family can be pissed, can cut us out of their lives, and I guess can take us to court. At least they don't report to credit agencies, sell their debt to collection agencies.

Oh summer, I remember when you used to be so lovely, so free, so welcoming. Where nothing could hurt me as long as I had the sun on my back. Now I just get a few days, an extended weekend, and it's back to reality. No chance of moving when our lease is up in October, no chance of ever buying a house, no way we could afford a child. With the trust fund only a myth yet to be realized, and if it is real, still three and half years away... we have no life line, no way out.

Just applying to every company we can think of, crossing our fingers, and praying for a break... and wishing to pass time as painlessly as possible until 4-8-15 or the end of the world rolls around.

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