Friday, September 2, 2011

Findings for the Day

Would be awesome quote for a tattoo. I love Winnie the Pooh, hope the new movie is awesome.
I can totally see Johnathan dressing our kid like this... or himself, perhaps.

Pretty much the perfect outfit on I'm having a need for stripes, tights, and pretty skirts.

I need this clock. I usually find clocks to be kind of irrelevant, what with the world always hooked into a computer, telephone, etc that feeds them the time. But... I think I can make an exception.

Awesome stair railing. Probably not good with little ones/pets, but brings a really cool look.

I've been bouncing around the internet a lot lately due to low work volume and the fact that the contract is ending very shortly. I'm actually not sure that my job still exists... but, have no fear! I'm transferring to Xbox on the 20th. Although... John only works like 6 hours a week so... it'll basically be unemployment. In that same vein, John only has 28 days for full time or promotion to happen before he goes and gets a really job!

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