Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day, to celebrate those that work, essentially. More-so those that do physical/factory work. Fun fact: Oregon was the first state to recognize Labor Day as a holiday. Labor day is the end of summer, the beginning of the school year, that last chance for barbeques and family gatherings. The last weekday to spend in the sun with your lips berry stained.

Well, not exactly so if you're working and not in a K-12 school. But, it's the general principal feeling. Fall is coming, swimsuits and sandals are on the clearance racks and sweaters are creeping up the aisles. I start thinking about Halloween, my birthday, those piles of turkey and stuffing awaiting just right around the corner.

Friday was the end of my liquid only fast, and the start of 2 drinks a day. We ended it in style with chili dogs at our friend's house and Monopoly City. Kind of weird, hard to understand... but John didn't win despite his claims he hasn't lost in decades. So, there's that.

Saturday I left my alarms off and slept in nice and late. We woke up and headed over to my grandma's house. We visited, soaked in some sunshine, ate some left over tacos and hung about. My grandpa brought home a giant box of berries, heavy and crushing under their own weight. Grandma, my cousin/nephew Dakota, and I made four blackberry pies. Four! We got those baking under grandma's watchful eye and headed out doors to play kick the can. This was my first encounter with the game, and I think it was pretty fun. Stealthy creeping plus hide-and-seek, and kind of chase element in there as well. Johnathan took to the rooftop, and was very cautious about coming down to save us once the rest of us were captured. So, the game took forever. We went inside and watched Valentine's Day. Once it was over we went home and watched some True Blood before bed.

Sunday we met up with Scott and Megan for breakfast and Fred Meyer shopping before heading to the pool at Scott's house. Splashing and laying in the sun, with copious amounts of sunscreen, was nice. Once the sun started setting behind the apartment buildings we headed out - rode home on the motorcycle in our swimsuits - and began an awesome True Blood marathon. I can't believe the season finale is next week!

Monday (yay three day weekend!) we headed out to my grandma's for a little barbeque action. She was looking for something different, and Megan suggested kabobs. My grandma set up an awesome bar with chicken, beef, and shrimp offerings, along with onions, peppers, mushrooms, and all kinds of veggie goodness. There was sweet bread and slow barbequed pork with coleslaw, potato and pasta salads, all kinds of delicious noms. And, of course the pie that we had made Saturday night. We got to take half of a pie home to delight ourselves into the week.

I didn't exactly stick to the liquid diet so much.... but I'm making a start into the week. We bounced around a lot this weekend and had a lot of tasty options, so it was pretty much just a shake for breakfast (like the plan for week 2 and beyond). It was a lovely weekend and I appreciate all those that joined us in the festivities. It was just about perfect.

I hope that we're able to continue this happy-go-lucky vibe into our poorest days ahead. Rent, bills, no money coming in.... I try to put it to the back of my mind, but there are so many people depending on us to pay them back that it's getting a little ridiculous. Thank goodness John has finally realized Stream is a shitty place to work and has begun looking elsewhere. Hopefully we can get him a 'real' job and be on with our lives.

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