Monday, September 19, 2011

Showed you the truth
but you just shut your eyes
I guess you'll never see
through his well made disguise

I've been the one by your side
through thick and through thin
yet you turned your back on me
and let the devil waltz in

So you deceived me
you left me here alone
with a broken promise
 a broken heart
I must walk through this world on my own

will you ever see
the errors that you've made
will you ever know
the excellence that would’ve followed if you'd stayed

Will I ever forgive you?
Leaving me shattered on the floor
Will I ever forget?
Not a chance anymore

I'll never be there again
to hold your hand
to wipe the tears from your eyes
You've made your final stand

You turned from light to dark
You changed from all to nothing
You took my love, my good advice
and threw it all away for nothing

As the days tick by you'll find
a new world to fit into
False friends, false life
something to look forward to

There's no turning back
no unwriting wrongs
apologies cannot fix
All my scars and sobs

You ask me to believe
in this false idol you've found
Ask me to join you
without a protesting sound

To put aside the fact
he is evil in and out
To join with you against the tide
To simply shut my mouth

I will keep on fighting
though I am fighting for you
I will keep on trying
praying God will see it through

But even if you change
and see the monster inside
It doesn’t fix anything
you've wasted so much time

but fight is all I can do
Seeking  truth and justice
For though you've turned your back on me
I simply can't return the favor

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