Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dreaming of this life…

There should be a guitar
An avalanche of ideas
Some intellectual merit
Giving meaning to existence

At least meaning to ours

By and by we sit and think
Eternally falling and reborn

There instead lies…

Electric misfortune
Intellect never expressed
Life unfulfilled and greased
Got to have more than that
After so long of simply


Can’t there be deepness
Ethereal, poetic or otherwise
Something to get me through
Turmoil in my mind

Uneasy whirlwind heartbeats
Dreaming of another life
Another place
The other road in the wood

Not the one I took

I long to be somewhere far
And there’s no one to catch me
If I choose to fall

Ground into dust

There’s no one to support me
Myself, my ambitions
Empty notions of an empty mind

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