Thursday, July 28, 2011

extra dose

It's been a few days since I've posted poetry, so here are three lovely tidbits to keep you entertained.

First one: Pretty evident what it's about. 

As I glance into the mirror
I change my stance on this
I change my thoughts on this
I scrutinize the imperfections on my
The tears well inside my eyes
My fears start to consume my
Why I am here and what am I
Pull at my hair notice it
These pants are fitting just a little
Too tight
And I want to be sitting here in the
To blank out this image of
Put my insecurities up on a
I want what everyone does
The taunting to stop, not your taunting
The voices in my mind telling my
You're no good, give up you'll always be
This world will never love you
Those people will always shove you
No love of yours will ever be
For how could anyone ever want you?


Second Poem: Gabe, Clint, etc.

Lead me not into temptation
Won't you please deliver me
My heart is a fragile mutation

Since the beginning of creation
there's existed what cannot be
Lead me not into temptation

It would do to mention
a blink times three
My heart is a fragile mutation

Lock these things away
to some secret faction
If I cross the line
I'll have to throw away the key
Lead me not into temptation

I'd rather face lifelong tormention
than feel like this when he's looking at me
My heart is a fragile mutation

Fuck it all in complete succession
I can't have both
Plain and true
Lead me not into temptation
My heart is a fragile mutation
 Third Poem: My own darkness

Do not stand in my shadow
Its depth may encompass
all you thought was true
and pure in life
Taking you to a land
you only see in nightmares
dream scenes or

Taking you into
scapes only seen in my mind
Eyes closed
visions arise
sweeping you away
bringing you close
close to me

No, do not stand in my shadow
the intimacy is far
too deep for my liking

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