Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Smell of cigarettes
Of pure tobacco pipe
Of cologne and finery

Hear the music wafting
In the air so sweet
As he sings
Devil may care

Saying goodbye
To someone who means
Means something that I cannot
Label, tag, define

The epitome of hopeless romantic
An artistic soul

As I pull away
I see nothing

The road
The lines
The lights
Just a blur
As tears fall and sobs commence

He is more
A symbol for what I wish I was
Or wish I had

I wipe the tears
The mascara lines
And make a face
Of happiness

For the one I’m with
Who is unsure of this
Who does not believe
In the unconditional

He can’t understand
I love someone else

So I fake it
For the sake of security
And commitment

Hopeless romanticism be damned

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