Thursday, July 7, 2011

I want forever
Does it have to start now?

I want forgiveness
I want freedom
I want to be the one
For everyone

I want to climb a mountain
And fall into the clouds
Ride them in ecstasy
And never look down

I want to share my heart
And mind
Without consequence
Dive into whatever this is

And never look back

If it were only possible
To have everything you wanted
The best of both words
My seperality colliding in peace

The one I love
The one I…

No words to be spoken
Nothing to be said
These emotions too blended
In my head
For a meaning to arise
For a word to fit

I think he feels the same
The meanings keep repeating
The words are never still
And yet there’s no conclusion
And I doubt there ever will

We’ll keep this dance going
The music and the beat
Wrapped in all the things
We simply cannot be

Hidden in the words
That’ll never be uttered
Comforted by the fact
That there are no facts

No reasoning, no rhythm of life
Just the two of us, or three

If it were only two we’d know
The ending to this charade
But there’s no conclusion
And I doubt there ever will

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