Saturday, July 23, 2011

One Year

365 Days.
One Rx-7, Kia, and Dodge Stealth down. Not to mention a Rebel and Boulevard.
I've had short hair, brown hair, purple hair, red/pink striped hair, and copper hair.
Kidney stones, epic colds, fevers, busted knees and tummy aches.
Guns and glory, pinching pennies.
Drama tore us away from friends. Which have just re-entered our life.
We've binged and cut back, fought and made up, flown on top of the world, and been too scared to leave our cave.

Yet, it's all seemed like just the smallest blink of an eye. Just a whisper, and the days roll away.

Words cannot express my love for you, the dedication I have towards our marriage and the functionality of our relationship. The tides of fortune have washed over us, and withdrew. We can beat it, overcome it all, together.

I remain in love with you, as I did on our wedding day. You are still my soul mate, my best friend, my ally against the world, my moment outside of time. You are still my fondest memory, my fiercest desire, my strongest wish.

You are my Tan, my panda, my lover, my everything.

♥ 7 months ♥ 12 months ♥ 28 months ♥ Eternity to go

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