Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Side cast illusion
I almost gave up everything
Not that it would have mattered
You’re a legend, untouchable

The kind of person everyone loves
Or loves to hate

Are you even real?
Did the time I remember even exist?
Was there ever any chance?
Where would I be now?
Would I even be?

So many questions never to be answered
Smoke rings and gasoline
I’ll remember you forever

Do you even remember my name?
Or face?
Or the way I made you feel?
Did I even make you feel at all?

I doubt it.

Wrapped in rhythm and rhyme
You’re bullet proof,
A rock star.
Eternal and faulted.

Aren’t we all?

Another stepping stone,
Another shadowy enigma clouded by mystery,
Some sort of midnight matinee.
Never let anyone in,
Never let them see.
Hide the tears you once shed,
You’re stronger now.

First thoughts with actual meaning
Since ones so full of anger,
Of rage
Of raw, unfiltered passion

So full of me.

Where is that person now?

Trapped with your memories.
Caged in that moment.
Locked away.
Because I know
I want her back.

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