Saturday, May 30, 2009


I think that due to the fact that we each have our own perceptions we project onto other people's writing that online discussions should not take place. Because, honestly, I didn't say that the items or your past is bullshit, I merely hinted that you might be deceiving yourself and your motives. Fuck it. Not important.

I just want everything to be happy! Why are things not happy? I do not understand. I try, why does it not work? Stressors are driving me out of my mind. I want a super clean and organized house inhabited by two gainfully employed, educated adults who have only love for each other in their hearts. Perhaps some day that will be obtained. I apologize to all who have been pulled into the never ending debate over ex-girlfriend baggage, it is now over. I submit my white towel to the judges.

In other news I found the name of the poems I like Villanelles. They're pretty cool, and I wrote one to be found on my poetry blog, I'll be writing more because I really like their structure.

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  1. Yay for the white flag! That whole thing was getting so WAY out of hand, as talking/arguing/reasoning normally do through the internets.